2022-2023: Website Freiburg gestaltet erste Bio Produktlinie – MEI helles MISO / MEI dunkles MISO – für den münchener Foodblogger Ken kocht

2021 hatte Website Freiburg den Markenauftritt mit Logo, den neuen Webauftritt mit Rezepten entwickelt sowie Beratung und Schulung durchgeführt. 2022 folgte nur konsequent die erste Entwicklung und Veröffentlichung der ersten Ken kocht Bio Produktlinie mit den ersten beiden Produkten: MEI helles MISO und MEI dunkles MISO.

2021 Website Freiburg had developed the brand identity with logo, the new web presence with recipes, and provided consulting and training. 2022, the first development and publication of the first Ken kocht Bio product line with the first two products followed: MEI light MISO and MEI dark MISO.

@Ken_kocht is a food blogger from Munich who in 2023 currently has 103.000 followers on his YouTube account of the same name. He now wants to make it a little easier for them to cook, so he had Website Freiburg build him a modern, cool website. To match this, we designed and created the word mark – the logo – with the Japanese all-purpose kitchen knife Santoku in the „O“. With this, we created a contemporary WordPress website with video and social media integration, accompanying food blog and newsletter management system. On the website, we were able to integrate everything your heart desires – from YouTube videos to a newsletter to an active Instagram feed. We then took over larger web design changes. In addition, Ken received thorough training from us, so that he can now easily enter the blog entries himself. We are happy to continue to support this successful food blogger in his planned online or print media and e-commerce projects!

Produkte: 2022-2021: Entwicklung und Veröffentlichung der ersten Ken kocht Bio Produktlinie mit MEI helles MISO und MEI dunkles MISO als Start. 2021: Konzeption, Logodesign und Unternehmensfarben sowie Markendesign Neugestaltung, Webentwicklung, Schulung und Beratung, Internetauftritt deutsch mit SocialMedia Integration und Datenschutz Konformität
Design / Agentur: Michael Bertleff, Website Freiburg
Kund*in: Ken Müller / Ken kocht
Kund*innen Website: www.kenkocht.de